Working Spark Theatre

The Nighthawks

nhawkswkspshortwebThe Nighthawks is a new play by Working Spark Artistic Producer Michelle Deines.  The play is about a brother and a sister struggling to cope with the death of their father and family patriarch, Joe.  It is a dark comedy that examines the nature of grief, and seeks to understand how our servitude to another can sometimes become service to ourselves, and why it can be so hard to perceive our own faults.

“Nighthawk” as it is used here refers to a British slang term meaning thieves who plunder archeological sites at night and steal the artifacts they find.

The Nighthawks was workshoped in November 2016 with Patti Allan, Bernard Cuffling, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Gerry Mackay, and Lois Anderson.

Our workshop was made possible by the City of Vancouver.
We are grateful for their support.