Working Spark Theatre

The Universal Knitting Revival Club

The Universal Knitting Revival Club
Site-Specific Performance at the Firehall Arts Centre.  May 2011.

“Welcome to the Universal Knitting Revival Club.  Whacky name, I know–but if I can’t get enthusiastic about knitting, then who can?”  –  Abby

As part of the 2011 BC Buds Festival, Working Spark developed and produced a short, site-specific play called The Universal Knitting Revival Club.  Co-written by Kathryn and Michelle, the play was performed inside the Firehall’s staff kitchen, and the audience was invited to bring their own knitting.

The main character, Abby (Kathryn) walked the audience through a short knitting lesson until she was interrupted by her oblivious sister, Claire (France Perras).

Kathryn Kirkpatrick – Abby
France Perras – Claire
Written by Kathryn Kirkpatrick and Michelle Deines
Directed by Michelle Deines

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