Working Spark Theatre

The Toilet Paper Caper

The Toilet Paper Caper
Reading at the Firehall Arts Centre.  May 2012.

LUCIA:  He asked me out to dinner, so what?
WINNIE:  You said he was scum.
LUCIA:  I never said that.  We had some good times together.
WINNIE:  Oh, please.  He’s an asshole, Lucy–an asshole dwarf who doesn’t deserve you.
LUCIA:  He’s not a dwarf.  He’s just really short.


Silvio (Alec Willows) complains to Fernanda (Kathryn Kirkpatrick).

As part of the annual BC Buds Spring Arts Festival held at the Firehall Arts Centre, Working Spark presented a reading of The Toilet Paper Caper, a new play by Michelle Deines.

Set in an East Van toilet paper shop called Toilet Paper Central, the play follows the adventures of VPD Detective Lucy as she tries to reconcile herself to her estranged family and solve a money-laundering case (in which her family is implicated) at the same time.  Guiding her is Winnie, her fellow detective, and Jerry, an altruistic accountant.

Ryan Gladstone – Jerry Finklestein
Alec Willows – Silvio Barbarini
Kathryn Kirkpatrick – Fernanda Barbarini
Sebastian Kroon – Gil Domo
France Perras – Lucia Barbarini
Agnes Tong – Winnie Wu
Written & Directed by Michelle Deines